Emotional Relief Tools. Don't just Survive. Thrive!




Don't let depression and anxiety stop you from enjoying life

Emotional suffering takes the joy out of life, and, in extreme cases, can make your very existence seem like a living hell! 

Biomagnetism can transform the way you experience life.  Start having more and more 'good days'. Get your enthusiasm back, face challenges more confidently and start living the life you were meant to live!

 Let's Get You Feeling Better Quickly!


Learn to use therapeutic magnets to depolarize negative emotional patterns and states. When people are emotionally traumatized, the energetic signature of the extreme emotions can become stuck in organs and tissues. Subsequent emotional ups and downs can trigger the original pain of the significant event causing a loss of perspective. Learn how to apply magnets to drain the emotional charge and restore equilibrium.  



Elle is not a medically trained professional. Biomagnetism is not a substitution for prescription drugs, medical intervention or doctors care. Do not stop taking medication unless and until you contact your physician.  Always consult your physician before embarking on any type of health regimen. 

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