Emotional Relief Tools. Don't just Survive. Thrive!

Biomagnetism 'depolarizes' negative emotional states, restoring your zest for Life!!

Tutorial Videos (Order Magnets on Contact Page)

Compulsory Tutorial Video

Watch this video before you attempt to apply constellations. 

Tutorial Videos (Order Magnets on Contact Page)

Biomagnetism Constellation for Relief of Emotional Suffering

Step by Step Application Guide

Tutorial Videos (Order Magnets HERE)

Overcome Addictive Urges

Tool to reduce compulsive/habitual addictive behaviours. 

Tutorial Videos (Click HERE to order magnets)

Meridian Balancing

Meridian Balancing with six magnets. 

Body Dowsing Tutorial

Learn to consult the wisdom of the body to answer questions. 

Reset your Circadian Rhythms - Help for Insomnia

Great constellation for shift workers - to flip you back onto waking during the day. Great for insomnia.