Emotional Relief Tools. Don't just Survive. Thrive!

Biomagnetism 'depolarizes' negative emotional states, restoring your zest for Life!!

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Compulsory Tutorial Video

Watch this video before you attempt to apply constellations. 

Confidence Building Constellation

Clear Blocks to Loving Yourself - Increase Self Esteem

Tutorial Videos (Order Magnets HERE)

Overcome Addictive Urges

Tool to reduce compulsive/habitual addictive behaviours. 

Develop Psychic Abilities

Increase Intuition and courage to act on your inner guidance. 

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Meridian Balancing

Meridian Balancing with six magnets. 

Body Dowsing Tutorial

Learn to consult the wisdom of the body to answer questions. 

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Decision Making Constellation

Neutralize Uncertainty and Restore Confidence 

Restore your Memory

Overcome brain fog - get clarity - restore memory. 

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Watch Your Wrinkles Disappear

Smoother Younger Looking Skin - use this constellation often. Body dowse to find out how long and how frequently to use. 

Six Magnet Constellation for Relief

This six magnet constellation relieves a host of negative emotional states including: guilt, rage, jealousy, abandonment, anxiety, hatred, helplessness, hopelessness. 

Tutorial Videos (Order Magnets on the Contact Page)

Release Negative Energy

Great constellation to use after a healing session to help flush out the negative energies. 

Help for Insomnia 

Great constellation for shift workers - to flip you back onto waking during the day. Great for insomnia.